Demas, with the full name Demas Narawangsa, was born in Jakarta on April 9th, 1993.  He started learning music since he was 5 starting with the Classical Piano at the YPM.  Since he was 6 he started taking drum lessons at Citras then continued with Mr. Samboedi.  When he was 8 years old he received a scholarship from LPM Farabi.  He then started taking violin lessons at the age of 10 and up to today resumes his Classical Piano lessons.

Demas has been awarded titles in the music industry which includes:

  • 1st Place Winner in Indomusic Expo Drum Competition 2000 (General Category)
  • 1st Place Winner in Yamaha Drums Competition 2002 (General Category)
  • The Best Drummer (Jakarta) Asian Beat 2003
  • The Best Drummer (Jakarta) Asian Beat 2004

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More on Demas Narawangsa’s Achievements can be seen at the Accolades page.

Alongside playing with Kulkul Band, Demas makes regular appearance at the La Piazza, Kelapa Gading along with Rudy Octave and friends from Sol-Project.

He has appeared alongside big names in the music industry, specifically in the Jazz genre in Indonesia, such as Benny Likumahuwa, Kiboud Maulana, Idang Rasyidi, Dwiki Darmawan, Indra  Lesmana, Mates, Bintang Indrianto, Arief Setiadi, and others.  A complete list can be seen in his Biography page.

In 2002 joined with the Music School All Stars Band formed by Dwiki Darmawan, which includes talented students from various music schools.

He then formed a Jazz Group named Farabi Trio, which consists of Demas (Drums), Sri Hanuraga (Piano) and Indrawan ‘Sinchan’ (Contra Bass).  At this time Demas’ two partners are continuing their education in the Netherlands and the group is on a hiatus.

In 2003 formed a band named Jakmosphere fusing Jazz and Traditional Javanese music, which consisted of Demas (Drums), Barry Likumahuwa (Bass), Didiet Raditya (Violin), Doni Joesran (Keyboards) and with new additions : Andre Dinuth (Guitar) and Tri “Alexander” Indarto (Vocals) with the band name:  Spectrum (and had the chance to perform at JGTC and Friday Jazz at Ancol)

In 2004 formed the band KUL KUL fusing Jazz and traditional Balinese music, which at this time is preparing for the National Finals for Asian Beat representing Jakarta, which consists of:

  • Demas (Drums)
  • Khristian (Bass)
  • Martin (Guitar)
  • David (Keyboard)
  • Beni (Vokal),
    kemudian formasi ke 2 :
  • Ono menggantikan David,
  • Made (Gitar 2) mendampingi Martin, &
  • Ade memaikan perkusi;
  • Didiet (biola), dan tanpa Vocalist…

On February 27th, 2005, still playing modern drums consistently (with kempluk this time), formed a third formation of Kulkul, entered The Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival on March 6th, 2005, Jazz Merah Putih 2005, Bali Jazz Festival 2005, Jazz Goes To Campus 2005 & 2006, Jakjazz 2006, fusing traditional Balinese music into a universal modern music (Indonesian jazz), with:

  • Didiet Raditya (Biola)
  • Adman Maliawan (Electric Bass)
  • RM Aditya Andriyanto (Keyboards)
  • I Ketut Budiyasa (Kendang, Gangsa Pemade)
  • I Komang Sumada (Suling, Gangsa Pemade, Cengceng Kopyak)
  • I Wayan Sudarsana (Kulkul, Gangsa Kantilan, Cengceng Kopyak)
  • I Wayan Sudiarta (Cengceng/Kecek)

On March 2007, Demas joined the program Children Are The Future, with Japanese musician Sadao Watanabe with Dwiki Dharmawan as the percussion director.

With DAGO Percussion, Demas performed in Taman Ismail Marzuki and Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta.


Other activities

Demas joined Donny Suhendra Trio and played Guitar Day IMI then Jazz Goes To Campus 2006 and will go into recording the Dony Suhendra solo album.

He did the musical illustration for FTV Gadis Kereta Api produced by Virgo Film that was shown on AN TV with the temporary named rock band MATAHARI. Also became the recording drummer for the musical illustration for the movie Badai Pasti Berlalu.

On the month of Ramadhan he performed routinely in Pondok Indah Mall with Idea Percussion on 2001 until 2006.

He also formed a pop band named LFLS (Like Father Like Son) and now is undergoing a demo album process, and a noisy pop band named PRABU which at this time finished their demo album.

In between his school activities in Bina Tunas Bangsa School, he often worked as the Yamaha Drums demonstrator and performed on Yamaha Expo in Jakarta, Medan, and Bali from 2002 up until today.

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