Demas Narawangsa dampingi Indro Hardjodikoro The Fingers tampil di Rusia

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Demas will perform @ JakJazz, Istora Senayan

1. November 24th at 06.45-08.00 pm with Dwiki Dharmawan & Next Generation at Big Stage 2
2. November 25th at 06.45-08.00 pm with Kulkul feat. Paul T-Five at Big Stage 1

Demas performing with Donny Suhendra, Syaharani, SOL Project and Kulkul at 30th Jazz Goes to Campus

This events is to celebrate 3 decades of Jazz Goes to Campus in University Indonesia, Depok West Java. It will be held on 18 November 2007 starting from 10.00am onwards

Demas performing with Kulkul at La Piazza

To celebrate 62th Indonesia’s Independence, Demas with Kulkul Band performs in La Piazza Sentra Kelapa Gading 17 August 2007 starting from 19.00pm onwards